Trail Day pt 2: IMBA Trail Care Crew

IMBA TCC with Portland trail crew Photo by: Leslie Kehmeier

It’s not every day that you get to work with the preeminent experts in your field.  Greater Portland NEMBAgot that opportunity when they won a grant to bring the IMBA Trail Care Crew to Falmouth to teach a trail building clinic.   Thirty people showed up for the workshop that included both in-class instruction and field work at the new Falmouth open land project.  Chris and Leslie Kehmeier of the IMBA Trail Care Crew (East) spent the morning teaching us about “flow” of both water off the trail and of mountain bikers gliding along singletrack.  After spraying a heavy coat of bug spray on ourselves, we picked up our Pulaskis, McLeods and rakes and and began the outdoor clinic.  With their help and instruction, we turned 1800 ft of nothing but little pink flags into fresh, sustainable trail.  There is still plenty of work to keep us busy out there, but with their technical, hands-on teaching, we have a good start on a great trail.  Thank you, Chris and Leslie, and IMBA.

Apply for a visit by the IMBA TCC here.